Land Management System Kerala

Kerala is fast becoming one of the top five states with maximum number of MSME units and taking up of entrepreneurship as means of self employment among the educated youth is growing. The huge success of start ups in the state is a pointer to this. The large pool of NRIs with ability to invest in manufacturing and service enterprises will work to a great advantage for the accelerated development of the state economy. The fact that Human Development Index of the state compares with Europe goes to show that the state can achieve its economic development goals without compromising in any manner its environment policies and human development goals. Scarcity of land has always been a challenge for the state due to pressure of population on the land and the environment consciousness further limits the land for industrial purpose. Availability of quality infrastructure at affordable costs is a pre-requisite for attracting investment. It is with this realization that the Department have gone ahead with acquisition of land for industrial purpose. Over the years the Directorate of Industries and Commerce have acquired as much as 2400 acres of land and there are 38 Industrial Development Areas and Development Plots in various parts of the state. The Directorate of Industries and Commerce have also embarked upon construction of multi-storied Standard Design Factories to accommodate non-polluting MSMEs. It is very important that there is an efficient and transparent system for managing this land and hence the Land management system portal which is an online transaction facility for all land related matters.

Industrial Development Areas/Plots

The Director of Industries & Commerce controls 10 Industrial Development Areas, 25 Industrial Development Plots, 2 Coir Parks and one functional Industrial Estate across the state with the exception of Wayanad, the data base of which forms an integral part of Land Management System portal. The data base is being updated on a continuous basis so that the availability of industrial land can be known to a potential investor at the click of a button. The Industrial land in DA/DPs is being managed as per the GOs - GO (MS) 60/2013/ID dtd 10/06/2013, GO(Ms) No. 17/2016/Id dtd 30.01.2016, G.O (MS)169/69/ID dtd 05/04/1969 and GO(MS)297/70/ID dtd 24/08/1970 Now the allotment of Industrial land in the DA/DPs after 30/1/2016 are guided by the Rules promulgated under GO (MS) No 17/2016/ID dated 30.01.2016. Click here to view estate managers list.

Why Kerala?

Kerala, the progressive land with immense opportunities for investors, bestows an investor-friendly environment with well-structured policies and pioneering initiatives. The world-class infrastructure and the support make way for a successful venture. Among the leading commercial and trading centres of India, Kerala offers good environment for setting up any industry.Finally creating centres of educational excellence, harnessing the multiplier effects of IT-related investments and high value service sector activities will enable both employment generation and capitalise on its comparative factor advantages.Kerala, notwithstanding its breathtaking scenic beauty, skills of its people and high quality of human resources, is nowhere near realising its full economic potential.

Land Allotment Schemes

In order to stimulate industrial growth, the Government of Kerala is providing infrastructural assistance by way of developing Development areas, Development plots Industrial estates, Mini industrial estates, District Mini industrial Estate Co-operative Societies, Functional Industrial Estates and Growth Centres.

Contact Details

Director of Industries Commerce
Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala - 695 033. Phone: (0471)-2307830,2302231
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